In 2002, this site started life. Long before the word 'blog' was widespread, was really just that - a chance for me to explore my thoughts and views about the world of wine in its widest form, online. It's taken a while to get back online, but here we are again. Welcome.
Wine History
Poetry on a bottle

Poetry on a bottle

Through history, wine has certainly inspired plenty of poetry, and Robert Louis Stevenson even said that ”wine is bottled poetry”, but it’s worth noting when a new piece of poetry is written about wine itself. Carol Ann Duffy, the Poet Laureate – effectively the UK’s official poet to the nation – has been visiting the...
Phylloxera - the English connection

Phylloxera – the English connection

In the middle of the nineteenth century, a tiny insect arrived in Europe, uninvited and unnoticed, transported alongside shipments of American grape vines from the eastern United States. Soon it was to receive a name: Phylloxera vastatrix. It devastated a huge proportion of the world’s vineyards in the decades to follow, but its first sightings...